White colors messed up

  • Hi everybody,

    After having f.lux installed for a while I think it messed up the way my colors are shown, even when not active.
    For example: while chatting on Facebook, all text bubbles are white while mine are supposed to be blue-ish.
    When the screen overlay pops up however, like when making an event for example, my chat bubbles turn blue and I can see the outline better.

    I confirmed it being a hardware issue by making a printscreen of the convo and viewing it from another screen. When viewing on the other screen it shows as it's supposed to. (I used the Facebook issue as an example, all white images on the screen are messed up aswell.)

    I had this problem for a while now but recently I had to start doing some colorsensitive work like Photoshop so optimal color is required.

    Thanks in advance!

  • @Sole4 Have you changed your monitor / monitor settings? Reduce the contrast (not brightness) of the monitor so that the colors appear properly.

  • @Tungsten_smooth - Cannot reduce contrast in Mac anymore, but can increase the contrast. Any other solution? The night mode does work, and one can increase the warmth from system settings, but Flux allows one to control the warmth directly. Thus, do you have any other solutions ?

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