Flux contrast issues since AMD driver update

  • Hello,

    I need help fixing an issue.
    Since I updated the drivers on my HD7970, Flux makes my screen look washed out.
    However, deactivating Flux and turning on the default AMD color profile fixes that problem, but then I can't use Flux obviously.
    I was also able to fiddle with it before and that used to solve the contrast issue while using Flux, but not anymore.

    Any idea how I might solve that problem?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

  • I just downloaded some updates for windows (win10 x64) yesterday (auto-updates, didn't see which ones) and booted my PC this morning. Noticed it's extra bright, so I started flux and it already looked much better and normal how I'm used to it. Fiddled a little with some (AMD) driver settings like gamma and brightness, and now it's basically how it's always used to be for me.

    Edit: or not? somehow now it's too dark again. Maybe it had to do with me starting flux manually instead of the autostart? Well, now it seems again like three different settings (windows' color calibration, amd driver settings and flux) seem to overwrite each other, depending on what I click. If I click through the color calibration it looks different than when I open the AMD settings and give them control of the settings and that looks different when I click/right click the flux icon.

  • @badumts
    Yeah, I'm having the same. But for some reason the flux scheme is way too low on contrast.

  • @doomberry Yeah, I don't know how to solve it as long as flux has no brightness/gamma/contrast slider. If I start flux and adjust one of these with the Windows Color Calibration or AMD, flux overwrites them right away again. And vice versa. It's a hassle.

  • When you run windows / AMD / Nvidia / Intel color correction tools, they will always be overwritten by f.lux. They are just temp changes that will not get saved, well, not in a way f.lux will use.

    F.lux will poll every 10 minutes for a color profile, or load the current one at startup. If you want to test, just let f.lux run (even in daytime) for at least 10 minutes, or close and reopen f.lux with the menu in the program.

  • Oh look, another thread talking about problems caused by an AMD driver. Gee, what a surprise.

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