f.lux opens to blank white screen after sideloading

  • first of all, thank you guys for making this available. it works flawlessly on my 6 plus running 9.2.

    my issue now is that i have a 6s on 9.2 and when i follow the same steps as installing on my plus, i have been repeatedly hitting the same issue. the app loads onto the phone, and stops to tell me that i need to hit "trust" under profiles, which I'm able to do, and when i try to start up the app it flashes to the flux logo then goes white and stays that way. multiple rebuilds and reboots haven't solved the issue, i've completely wiped it from my computer and redownloaded as well. the only thing i can think that might be an issue is that Xcode isn't letting me install on more than one device?

    let me know if you guys have some tips. thank you!

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