Suggestion: Application Based "Suspend"

  • Hey everyone, first post, but long time user and evangelist of f.lux.

    I would love the f.lux to be able to detect if a program is running and suspend itself (from a user definable list of programs). This would ease my constant nighttime batte with f.lux when "creativity strikes" and Photoshop/Illustrator are opened.

    An alternate variation in my mind would be to have f.lux suspend only when a program from the user defined list is the active window on screen. Or, best solution, have the settings allow users to select a checkbox option to allow switching between suspend when an "active process" vs. "active window".

    I apologize if this is the equivalent of a truck driver telling the engineer how to design an engine, but hopefully this is phrased well enough to be understood.

    Just my $0.02

  • @IdeaGuy

    I created an account just to respond to this.

    It would definitely be nice to have the program switch off (or quickly transition out across 2 seconds so it's not jarring) when a program that you specify comes into focus. I don't say running, because I leave photoshop open for a long time and then use, say, google to image search. So I'd like to have my normal warm temp for everything that I do, but once i alt-tab or click back to Photoshop, it gives me my colour back.

    Baby steps of course, but maybe we could also set a "focus" temperature for these programs, in case people want to retain a maximum a colour temperature. . . . For example, colour temp is 2500k normally while you browse facebook, poke around your computer, etc. And when you click on to Photoshop, f.lux (instead of reverting to your day-time setting) it sets temperature to 5500k. That's a bit more advanced though, I'm sure.

    All depends on what they're capable of doing, of course... maybe it's outside the scope of the program, but it really would be cool if they could do something with that, I'm constantly needing to click the "disable for 1 hour" button, or opening and closing f.lux for longer sessions.

  • My poor neglected Windows users.

    We've had this on Mac for a while now and it should be in the next big Windows update.


  • @lorna Thanks for the response! Really glad (and very excited) to hear that!!! I can't wait :)

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