suggestion for users with sensitivity to light

  • hey, i've been using flux for years and i love it. had migraines my whole life and it makes working at night so much easier. thanks. but i thought about it the other day, and doctors have always recommended that i use tinted lenses when using computers so my eyes don't get burned out. this is basically what flux does, but the orange filter quite doesn't do it 100% for me. i would love to see flux have the option to adjust other colors with the movement of time. maybe a color wheel? i don't know a lot about coding, but i know is that if my screen could turn dark blue instead of orange at night, my eyes would feel a lot less burning on the daily. please please look into this as an option for migraine sufferers, the idea seems a lot more customizable and free than wearing tinted glasses, and it would really help me work on the computer longer. your program gives me physical medical benefits, which is seriously awesome, but i could see it being better!
    thank you for reading. :)

    (also: multiple monitor support anytime soon? :D)

  • I have a suggestion: reduce your monitor's brightness as far as it goes. You can also fake your location in f.lux (choose a location where the sun has set already) so that you can choose color temperatures that are warmer than 2700K. You can even use f.lux to adjust the black level by pressing Alt+Page Down.

    I find that the less sleep I get, the more likely my eyes are to feel like they're burning. The brighter the light, the worse the effect too. If I'm well-rested, then my eyes feel fine.

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