Lower the light day and night

  • Hi all. I use flux for at least 2 years, I had discovered by chance while searching in the chocolatey packages, and this is a great discovery because it has become an indispensable. I am someone who sleeps very badly, very regularly I get up in the middle of the night, and I surf a lot or play video games at night. For a week, I have very sore eyes, and I know that this is due to intensive use of screens.. I would like to lower the brightness in the settings. I am currently in minimum at 2700K day and night (yet I see a transition), and now my question is : is it possible to further lower the brightness level ? Even at minimum, my screens are too bright at night in a dark room and hurt my eyes.

    btw this is a great application, light and free, which should be part of all OS natively.

    Windows 8.1 x64, thank you.

  • Yes we have hotkeys for this: alt-PgDn and alt-PgUp. You can adjust these at night, and they turn off as the sun rises.

    We made them a bit obscure because they are usually not as good as the ones built into most laptop keyboards. But for some desktops, this is the only way.

  • Have you tried the "Darkroom mode"?

    It's a very extreme mode but can be very helpful.

  • Thank you for your responses.

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