How to Root?: Samsung Galaxy S6/Android devices in general

  • I would love to put f.lux on my android devices. I understand that they need to be rooted to do so, but would like to know how. Yes, I can do a search, and I have, but I don't know exactly what's safe information and what isn't. Therefore, I thought ya'll might be willing to help me out with either instructions specifically or link(s) to accurate information. Anything is appreciated!

  • The risk for rooting that the warranty is voided and you can't install update via OTG. For most of people, this is not a big ideal. As for your question, here is a step by step guide on how to root S6. Hope it do some help.

  • For unlocked Samsung devices, cf-autoroot is a good start.

    If your Galaxy has a locked bootloader (AT&T, etc.) it might be quite a bit harder (and in some cases, it still won't work). This is the case on the Galaxy S7 in the U.S.

  • There are many root apps you can use to root your android phone.

    1. KingRoot root app is easy to use, so it is suitable for newbies.
    2. SuperSU is famous.
    3. System App Remover is good to remove bloatware.
    4. Greenify is the best app for battery optimization.
    5. DiskDigger is good for recovering lost files.

    You can check the tutorials on their official website or XDA forum.

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