f.lux doesn't work in CS: GO in fullscreen mode

  • I noticed that f.lux doesn't work in CS:GO fullscreen mode, it works in window mode but there are some lags during game.
    In GTA V for example everthing works good in fullscreen.
    Is there a way to play CS:GO in fullscreen mode? Do you plan to release a patch that will fix this?
    OS: Windows 7

  • @trybik f.lux doesn't work in ANY [Direct X 9] fullscreen game. You'll have to run it in borderless windowed mode.

  • Is there any way to implement this feature into f.lux?

  • @tychi No, it's all on Direct X 9. Direct X 9 has NO support for outside gamma changes, and won't follow anything. For whatever reason, DX 10 and up will. Just run your games in borderless windowed mode. I know it's an option, TF 2 has it. You'll have to modify the steam shortcut and add something like

    -noborder -windowed -w 1280 -h 720

    Higher res also works but I scale my screen to 150%, you can also disable that on a per file basis in windows. I just find that the UI in most games is too small at the larger size. (1080p)

  • if you still want to play fullscreen you can also use this as a steam shortcut:


    And it will also work.

  • @Davidian hmm, where did you find that?! Cool, I'll try that too!

  • @Tungsten_smooth reddit lol

  • @Tungsten_smooth

    I don't use steam and I don't know what TF2 is, but it seems to work with World of Tanks in full screen mode when and only when I play and flux changes the color while I am in full screen mode, if I go to windows mode and back again, the standard colors are back.

  • @tychi I've played that, great game. Yeah there is something inconsistent about when f.lux is able to change the colors, but I haven't looked into it. You should be able to use it in "borderless fullscreen" or "full screen windowed" you'll find it.

    You probably don't care at all, but if you take [any] game out of fullscreen, it will be a constant draw on the card. Let's say for instance you want to go to the EXTREME end of cutting down on power draw from gaming. I like to go back to the desktop when things are loading. WoT actually does a fairly good job once it finds a server and starts loading -- but that 1-2 minutes looking is pulling full power from the card.

    Once you go back to the desktop, when it's not set to fullscreen, it's still going to pull that full power while looking for a server. This goes for many games as well. I know it's probably overkill to care about it that much, but I figured I'd throw it out there. Anyway, I've got 288 watts of halogen bulbs glowing at the moment (just a few) so... that's me for energy use :).

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