Desire 626s Feedback

  • Feedback for latest version as of 4/14 and using the default color options.

    Running Lollipop 5.1

    First thing I noticed was a notable loss in framerate system wide. Swiping and moving about isn't as smooth as it is when f.lux is disabled and feels like the system is stuttering.

    (Already mentioned)
    The warmth of the screen flickers back to stock at times. Most noticeable when changing system settings or installing apps.

    (Already Mentioned)
    Nightmode works for only a short second then has a reverse effect and makes the background red and text black. Will post a screenshot when back at my computer.

    Lastly, when f.lux is disabled, every 5 minutes or so it will say "Starting f.lux" and doesn't seem to go away until you reactivate it. Locking the phone and unlocking doesn't fix it.

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