Screen chages color based on cursor position

  • When I move my cursor the color changes various shades of orange. I use an EVGA Geforce GTX 670 and a Panasonic VIERA TC-P55GT30 plasma hd tv as my monitor, running Windows 10. Is this normal behavior?

  • What do you mean exactly? Does it seem lighter at the top and darker toward the bottom? If so, then that's due to the viewing angle. You can notice this more when you stand up and sit down and crouch down all while looking at the TV. It's always like this, but warmer color temperatures (like when using f.lux) makes it more obvious.

  • Experimented some more and it looks like the screen lightens when the cursor is on the edge of the screen or if the cursor is placed over text and changes to the text-select cursor.

  • And no, it doesn't depend on the viewing angle. The whole screen changes color.

  • I have seen this problem reported before, but the only solution is a strange one:

    Enable mouse trails in the Registry, then log out and log back in. So, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse and change "MouseTrails" to "99". Then log out and back in.

    Alternatively, you can just open the Windows Magnifier and leave it set to 100%.

    There is one problem with this though: the mouse cursor is invisible in some video games when you do this.

    Normally, this solution is to fix a problem where f.lux has affected everything but the mouse. Yet, this solution works for this too - well, it did last time. We'll see.

  • @TwoCables The registry edit did it. Thanks.

  • @bizzaro said:

    @TwoCables The registry edit did it. Thanks.

    Weird. You're welcome!

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