xlux on old Red Hat Enterprise Linux (5.11), no root

  • Hello,

    my company is using an old Read Hat Enterprise Linux (Version 5.11 Tikanga).
    I have no internet access or root permissions on the system.
    Because I often work the night shift, I would like to get xlux running on this machine.

    The old release from 2009 (https://justgetflux.com/linux/xflux.tgz) is working fine one one monitor (I need dual monitor support though).
    The newer release with multi monitor support for 32bit (https://justgetflux.com/linux/xflux-pre.tgz) wont start. I get the following error:

    Found 1 screen.
    './xflux: symbol lookup error: ./xflux: undefindes symbol: XRRGetScreenResources'

    Because im not nearly familliar with linux, I have no clue what the output is trying to tell me.
    I would really appreciate some advice here....
    Anyone any ideas?

    PS: Our company only uses Linux to connect to Windows Citrix Servers. That's because I'm working with Linux despite the fact that I don't have much knowledge about it.

  • @Ex0danify Yeah, that's quite cryptic. I can't help you with xflux, but there are ... other programs in the repositories. It starts with R, but get the 1.9 version and above. Anything below that, and you'll get really over saturated orange colors, 1.9 has updated color tables that I have A/B with f.lux and it's almost indistinguishable!

  • @Tungsten_smooth Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it ( I haven't thought that anyone would reply to this topic... seriously)

    I tried the other 'R' tool.
    The problem there is, that our computers don't have autotools installed, so I can't build the source.
    I have searched the internet for a pre-compiled build, without any luck :/

  • @Ex0danify Uh.... I guess it's not in the repos? I'm not sure if it's only a debian build or not, just do a search.

  • @Tungsten_smooth Thanks for all your help.

    It seems that the Linux provided on our workstations do not have the required dependencies.
    I think i just have to give up on this one for now.
    Maybe I'll try it again next week or so (maybe with a startscript and an exported library path?)

  • @Ex0danify If this were Windows, the program would come with EVERYTHING you need to run the program, I hate that about linux, it drives me insane!

  • @Tungsten_smooth I'm with out on that one!
    I guess that's where the saying comes from:

    'Linux is highly user friendly, it is just highly selective who it is friends with' <-- It's definitly not with me :D

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