Is there a way to get f.lux working on both my monitors?

  • As of now, f.lux doesn't work on my offset monitor (Non primary, I'm using a laptop). The off monitor isn't effecedt by the program. At all. I'm using an AOC e1649Fwu. Hopefully someone can help.

  • @mineturte83 You say you're using a laptop. What cable is used to connect the extra monitor to from laptop?

  • I also need to know how to do this. I just switch from a desktop pc to the Surface Pro 4. The dell monitor is connected through the dock with a DVI to USB cable and is set as the primary. However, only the Surface actually shows any change with f.lux. Please advise.

  • @Sunshine7978 said:

    The dell monitor is connected through the dock with a DVI to USB cable and is set as the primary.

    From the FAQ:


    I have a DisplayLink USB monitor adapter. Is there a way to make f.lux work for this display?
    DisplayLink has no support for color calibration, so f.lux can't make changes to DisplayLink monitors. Unfortunately, you can only use f.lux today on displays that are directly connected to your computer. (e.g., it usually won't work over remote desktop either.)

    F.lux does NOT work with USB connections.

  • Thanks so much for your assistance and your quick response.

  • @mineturte83 I didn't put you're name in the other reply, so you wouldn't get a notification on the forum. F.lux does NOT work over USB, see above post by me!

  • I have a similar problem. Win 10 Professional. Dual monitors on NVidia GTX650Ti Boost card, set up as extended desktop. Monitors are different models/resolutions. The "main" display is DVI, designated as display 2 by the video card. The extended display is HDMI, designated as display 1 by the video card. f.Lux auto runs and works fine on the main display (DVI, #2), but has no effect on the extended display (HDMI #1). I want f.Lux to have the same effect on both displays. I thought that since it's an extended display setup, it should affect both displays similarly. Can anything that be done to fix this?

  • Sorry I haven't replied to any of these posts, I had seen Tungsten_smooths post and left the topic sitting. Thanks for the help, and I hope the best for whoever else has the problem. GL HF

  • I'm using two identical monitors, ViewSonic VA2265. I've got one connected with VGA and the other connected with HDMI on a Windows 7 Professional 64 bit HP desk top. Works on both monitors. I have the display set on Extend. This is my first night working with the software. So far, so good!

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