LG L34C - boot corruption

  • LG L34C (TracFone)
    ANDROID 4.4-root
    SUPERSU 2.65
    APPS2SD 7.7
    F.LUX 22.0-beta

    Install resulted in boot corruption and loss of SD partition (won't mount).

    • From initial install-run, screen was fairly green (unlike warmth of Flux on Windows 7). Blues were washed out.

    • Set app driver to Qualcomm; no difference.

    • Reboot stuck on TracFone splash screen (sometimes rebooting its self a 2nd time).

    • Various attempts to reboot and taking the SD out eventually got me back to droid; configurations retained.

    • During the successful reboot, low level screen said something about 'Optimizing 1 of 1 app' then 'Updating'.

    • Found 2nd ext4 partition of SD card nuked; with all linked apps.

    ANDY - Salt Lake, UT US

  • [Having some success recovering SD ext4 2nd partition]

  • @sirald66 That's a great update... I just don't think f.lux had much to do with this. Maybe backup the SD card, and try another card if you have one.

  • Buy a Moto E.

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