f.lux only working on one monitor on Linux Mint (dual monitors graphics card has two hdmi ports)

  • Downloaded fluxgui Version: 1.1.8 from the software manager in Linux Mint 17.2 Rafaela. Unfortunately only works on one of my two monitors. My graphics card has two HDMI inputs, the screen that works is connected to the first. Disconnecting the first screen makes the second work!

  • To update: a similar program to flux (but open source) redshift works fine so this is not a hardware issue.

  • @kungfujam Yes, with the updated color tables, I'll say this one gets very close, I've done pics A/B of 5000K and 2700K and they are EXTREMELY similar. The f.lux team is very busy so it won't be soon that they update.

    I don't think f.lux on Linux works with multiple monitors, so they'll need to fix that as well.

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