[Request] Hotkey to toggle f.lux on/off

  • Hey guys, long time f.lux user here.

    I have a simple request; I would like a hotkey which will quickly toggle on/off f.lux, so that if I am watching a video/doing color sensitive work, I can turn it off then back on with just a keyboard shortcut.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hey all,

    Yesterday I installed F.Lux and it works perfectly. I switched it on in the evening and the screen looked terrible wrt colour, but I was amazed how quickly my eyes adapted to that.

    Today I found that the hotkey Qb_master requested above now exists. When I type on my laptop <ALT><Fn>+0 followed by <ALT><Fn>+1, F.Lux toggles from on to off and vice versa.

    Unfortunately I now no longer can type any special character like € (I then type <ALT><Fn>+0-1-2-8) or an é I had to use charmap to insert these characters now.

    Does anybody happen to know how to disable the on/off toggle, otherwise I will have to remove F.Lux again since I daily type special characters and using charmap all the time is a drag....


  • Expanding on this, I'd like this feature too as F.lux can be somewhat intrusive when playing videogames.

    I think it would be an idea to have the software's features configurable to be toggled to be on or off or to have unique adjustments when you use fullscreen programs or just apps in general.