LG Optimus L9 II [D605] 4.4.2

  • I use f.lux on my laptop and love it. I just recently rooted my smartphone, running on 4.4.2, and thought I'd give f.lux a try. I did see in the description that the app may not run properly on KitKat. And I did notice that the app is some kind of preview. I'm not sure if it works or not. When I started the app it flashed quite alot, for like 15-20 seconds or so, just like a stroboscope or something similair to that. After that I can use my phone, but it keeps pending back and forth between twp sets of colors. One is yellowish and the other one is really intense blue. I can provide some screencaps if someone would like to see. I tried to get the app to locate where in the world I'm at, but to no avail. So, is this how this preview is supposed to be and It's working just fine, or is something wrong? It could be that I thought this was supposed to be an app I could use from the get-go, to set my location and just use it like f.lux for computers, then it hit me that maybe It's just like a preview and the finished app, with full features will be released down the road? Please enlighten me. :)

  • I just tried to change the Color Driver from Compositor (slower, compatible) to Tegra and now it does not pending back and forth between the two sets of colors. It did however, depending on when I pressed, choose either the yellowish or intense blue color. So I had to press a couple of times before I could get it to stay at the yellowish color that f.flux for computers have (that also has a tone of red in it depending on what angle you look at the screen). Or at least my eyes seem to think so.

    Another thing that happened was that when I rotated the screen f.lux seemed to stop working, the display went back to the original one, just as it were before installing f.lux. Maybe that's some kind of bug?