Dark Mode not Working on ASUS fonepad 8

  • Hello, I'm wanna report a Bug on my Asus Fonepad 8 Lollipop 5.5.0 with ROOT, when I enabled the Darm room mode, only work for a minute and suddenly the background that's back turn to normal color only the red layer remain the same, I really like this feature when I was on my laptop on Dark room. Can you check it and Fix it? I don't know why and what's wrong. Just I like your software, I appreciate a lot of your work. Thanks for reading my problem

  • @BenyaminL Thank you for detailing your device details, but let's get into the software side too. What version of f.lux are you running (they're at v22 I think now) and what root method, ROM, and anything else related are you using?

  • Ah. Okay. CWM temporary. Intel x64, stock rom from asus, because still imposible to install other stock rom on asus device, their system is complicated.

    Ah anyway it's working when I change my color driver, I use default compositor, when I change it to Qualcomm or Tegra it will work only for the dark room mode, but not for the flux filter anyway. Something strange happened 😓😓. So would you debug it?