Huawei Ascend Mate 7 with Marshmallow

  • On my rooted Huawei Ascend Mate 7 with Version 6.0 of Androids OS I can't manage to keep f.lux alive. That means, everytime I lock my phone and then later unlock it, my screen is normal coloured, because f.lux isn't active and neither working. So I have to manually start f.lux everytime when I use my device. I think I tried everything to get f.lux to working properly, but I had no success so far.
    I have no such issues with the app "CF.lumen" from the Google Playstore. It just works flawless.

    So maybe I have to wait for an updated version of f.lux ;) Or do you have any recommendations?

  • @Alexx Do you have "Doze" enabled, or any similar features, that will stop applications in the background when the device sleeps?

  • Thanks for the reply. But like I wrote, there are no problems with the similar app "CF. lumen". And the settings are the same as for f.lux.
    So I don't know what else I could try.
    Maybe I just have to wait for the next version of f.lux.

  • I´m still stuck with a semi-working f.lux, which is really a pity :( I figured out, that when I install an app, f.lux immediately turns off. I don't know why that is. And the other point is, even when I don´t install anything, f.lux is just inactive after a while (more than 2-3 hours).
    Can someone tell me, why?

    I really turned off everything that could prevent f.lux from staying active, but I had no luck so far :'(

  • @Alexx What ROM (type of system that you rooted with) are you running, there are many different ROMs that you can choose one, maybe the one you've got is killing background apps or something.

    One more thing, maybe ask the developers for an older version?

  • @Tungsten_smooth I rooted my device with the latest Kingroot, which was successful. I have to say once again, the very similar app "CF.lumen" does not have these behaviors - only f.lux has :(

  • I really turned off and on everything related to f.lux to stay alive - It worked. BUT now, f.lux stays on forever...If it's in night mode and the morning comes, it just stays put. I'm close to desperation. I need to manually force it to get it in day or night mode. That's not how it was meant to be, right? So is there a new and fixed version on its way?

  • This are the strict settings of EMUI.
    I have the Mate 8 and had to "trust" [permission manager], "auto-launch" [app auto-launch] and "protect" [protected apps] the app in the "phone manager".

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