Windows 10 x64 - 3D games - f.lux no work

    1. Windows 10 x64 (nVidia GT9600) - 3D game SC2 - f.lux no work.
    2. My cursor (arrow mouse) is white color. When I change regedit
      Windows Registry Editor [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse] "MouseTrails"="-1"
      When I change regedit - in game does not display the cursor.
      I tried "-1","1","2","10".
      Default was "0".

    My cursor is blue on Windows. Why?
    This happens when your videocard displays uses a "hardware cursor". Some users have reported that enabling Mouse Trails using a special value in the registry will make the cursor draw in software. See this post on StackExchange for more info.

  • @Vadym Yes, I do this all the time, but I use the Windows 7 magnifer on 100% as it's just a shortcut away (hold Windows key and tap + ) Then zoom out again if it's zoomed it. This produces the same effect. I like this way because you can exit the magnifier quickly, with mouse trails, you have to run the mouse settings and turn it off there. You can type "mouse" into the start menu and get to it faster.

    Edit: some games (actually a lot of games) do not like a software cursor.

  • @Tungsten_smooth Thanks!
    Hold "Windows" key and tap "+".
    But, the main question the program does not work in games.

  • @Vadym Correct, it will not, so you'll have to close it down. Just right click it in the task bar and close, or ALT + Tab, and usually it will be the first program that is picked, so you can do ALT + F4 when it's displayed.

  • @Vadym said:

    @Tungsten_smooth Thanks!
    Hold "Windows" key and tap "+".
    But, the main question the program does not work in games.

    It's not possible to get f.lux to change the color temperature of some games. They will instead force their own colors and gamma and whatnot. That's just the way it is. The only ones who can fix it are the game developers, but too many games are designed in such a way where their color and whatnot cannot be overridden by anything.

    Besides, video games are very alerting and stimulating, so it doesn't matter if you're being blasted by a bunch of blue light; you will still have negative effects when it comes to sleep and circadian rhythms.

    The invisible cursor cannot be changed either because the cursor in some games is so custom that any change to the default cursor makes it completely invisible.

  • @Vadym Some games use Direct X 9 on Windows. This is now an older version which doesn't work with outside gamma / color changes. Games that use the newer Direct X 10, 11 etc, can work with f.lux. I'm referring to the color of the screen here, not the cursor.

    For the latter, you can run the game in Windowed mode to get around both the cursor (when you have it in software, with mouse trails, or using the Windows 7+ Magnifier, which you can quickly close if you'd like) and the cool blue screen colors.

  • Ok, Thanks!

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