Not working on Galaxy Tab S2 - Android 5.0.2 (rooted)

  • Hi
    Rooted my new Galaxy Tab S2 (model SM-T715) running stock build Android 5.0.2
    Rooted okay. Check.
    Installed F.lux (preview, root only) from Play store. Check.
    Installed and booted okay. Check.
    ..starting f.lux...f.lux has been granted superuser access ....etc. Check.
    But the screen never changes.

    Things I tried: (but didn't work)
    -toggling location on/off.
    -changing Screen mode from Adaptive to Basic
    -rebooting several times
    -uninstalling other apps that might conceivably interfere.
    -toggling Date & Time from Automatic to Manual

    My device is on WiFi (not 3G) - could this restrict f.lux from picking up correct time?
    (there no evidence though as the screen never changes)
    F.lux works great on my Mac. great product.
    Any ideas?

  • @LiamFa When you get the android tag on your name, go to the hidden android section, and post into the "Samsung Big Thread".

  • Any chance on something Similar? Tab S2 I'm running with 6.0.1 - main issue I'm having is it can't find or won't find a location...even after granting it permission.

    Looks rooted as it can start up, I grant it access and all that.

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