is there a way to have f.lux be more dynamic?

  • Hello!, i wanted to know if there was a way to have the transition be more smoother. i get that i can select a warm value for day and another for night and that f.lux will switch between them after sunrise/sunset in 20s or 60 minutes. But what i want is to archieve that day/night value at the maximum/minimum of the daylight cycle and have f.lux dynamicly and smoothly change between them, i´m a big fan of 1200K and even darkmode late at night 3-4am but i dislike getting hit by those values at 19:00 or even getting hit by my 6500k value at 6am after an intensive night. for now i have been going around by manually changing the minimal and maximal values as the day progresses, but a smooth feature allowing to select the values at daypeak and at nightpeak would be awesome

    Thanks for the hardwork!

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