f.lux color tone doesn't change automatically when the evening starts, need to manually open f.lux again

  • I sideloaded the flux.xcode.master app on my iOS 9.3 iPhone 5. All works.
    But it seem to require me to open the app to change the color mode, in case of time.

    I'm living in the netherlands, and when it's dark at 21:00 flux should be on a lower temperature, automatically. Flux is still active in daytime at that point, but when I head in to the app, it changes the colour instantly. How can I fix my phone to automatically see that the evening started?

    Does the app make use of you location to determine this? Or the location in combination in time? What is the setting to make this problem go away? Is there a way?

  • Is it true that only background app refresh is needed to automatically change the colours?

  • @Jeroen-Vermeulen I think it's something to do with notifications, you'll have to try it because I don't use the iOS version.

  • iOS > background app refresh needs to be 'on' in able to let f.lux automatically change the colour. So the app needs to be active at all times, you can't close down the app. As far as I understand, the notifications need to be on aswell. Location services can be off. Can confirm this with my iPhone 5.

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