Vanishing f.lux

  • Dear f.lux,

    When I install f.lux it works for a couple seconds then the icon vanishes. At first it would just stop working if my computer died or restarted. I keep reinstalling, but it just seems to be getting worse.
    I run Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
    Toshiba Portege Z935

    Thank you!

  • @Yetunde-Meroe Well, this is really strange.
    One thing to check is that it's not in the "hidden icons" section. If you look by your clock, you'll see a small white triangle or arrow. Click that and you should then see a larger white box containing the f.lux icon. If you'd like it to be more visible, just hold down the mouse button on it, and drag it by the other icons.

    If you'd like a 40x40 icon in the taskbar, you can go to the All Programs section, find "flux software" and when you see the f.lux program in the list, right click and choose "Pin to Taskbar". This way it's larger and more beautiful to look at anytime you want to adjust the settings.

    Please open the task manager by using any of the following methods

    • hold CTRL and ALT, press Delete
    • CTRL + Shift, press ESC
    • Right click the taskbar, "Start Task Manager"

    Click the processes tab, and look for "flux.exe" without the dot in the beginning of the name. If it is there, well, then that's good, but if it's not there at all, then we've got a major problem. Please try restarting your computer just one more time as I'm sure you've already done, just to refresh the Explorer.exe process.

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