f.lux only works on one monitor

  • I have Windows 10 64-bit, NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 and two DELL monitors (U2713H and U2410). The U2713H is connected to the card's DVI output and the U2410 to the card's HDMI output but using an HDMI/DVI adapter to be able to connect to the monitor's DVI input. Operating system and drivers are all latest versions/updates. I have f.lux working correctly on the U2713H but not on the U2410. Please advise how to get it active on both monitors. Thanks in advance.

  • @Jerry_D Hmmm, does the machine / video card have another DVI output, or is it just one HDMI, and one DVI? It really should not affect it, but are both connections coming from the same video card?

    Look in the Nvidia Control Panel for monitor settings, and just play with the settings, I don't have much experience with dual monitor setups, so good luck.

  • Hi guys, my first post. I have the same problem. My setup:

    Windows 10 64 bit
    AMD Radeon HD 6950
    Two identical Benq new monitors GL2460HM both running on DVI from the two DVI ports on the card
    Can't find anything in the AMD catalyst software to link the display colour temperature or similar

    No big issue really, I just wondered whether it was a single checkbox that I'd missed.



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