Darkroom Mode not working as expected

  • Hi,

    I've been using f.lux for quite a few years, and I've been loving it since. I've just installed the Android version and its working pretty well on my Nexus 6 (except for the Qualcomm Driver, but that's another story); however, I noticed a small bug on the Darkroom mode: white colors are expected to be black, while all others are to be a shade of red, but this only stays for a couple of secondsseconds, after which colors flip (blacks are black, whites are red and any other color is a shade of red). It isn't very nice on the eyes.

    Is that supposed to happen or is it really a bug? Thanks in advance.

  • Posting an update, in case someone else finds it useful. Out of nowhere, the Qualcomm Driver started to work perfectly and, as a weird side effect, it solved the darkroom mode.

  • This exact thing is happening to me, but as the Qualcomm driver is not working for me, it persist.

  • Same here. Using oneplustwo with oxygen os. Love f.lux though! Been using on Mac for a long time... Great to see an android version... Keep developing please!

  • The problem seems to be still existent.
    I am using a OnePlus One with CyanogenMod, Android 6.
    Only the standard color driver works for me, not Qualcomm or Tegra.

    After a few seconds it is not black background and red text but red blackground and black text... Please fix it :disappointed:

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