Older devices not supporting night shift on iOS 9.3 flux sideload

  • So who can shed some light on this? With iPad 3 and earlier, iOS 9.3 won't support Night Shift. That being the case, I'm hoping that the flux sideload will still work. Anyone able to confirm either way?

    Edit. I updated OTA to 9.3.1 from 9.2.1 and all is well, f.lux works just the same.

  • f.lux hasn't worked on my iPhone 6s or iPad mini (1st gen) since one of the early 9.3 betas. It still does not work on either device with today's public release.

  • f.lux has worked on every version of iOS and every make of hardware since iOS3.

    We were stopped by Apple before we were able to release an update (as a compiled binary, available outside the app store, on our own server) to the sideload version of f.lux that would have continued functioning in November 2015.

    We have so many neat updates we want to make available and cannot. If you have a moment to let them know you want the real version of f.lux and not a knockoff, we would be very grateful. https://apple.com/feedback/iphone.html apple.com/feedback/ipad.html

  • @lorna hi, that's good to know. I would like to update to iOS 9.3 but would hate to find that somehow I couldn't sideload f.lux. Shame you can't offer the updated binary to even those people who already have the app... Oh, and I have sent feedback to Apple, on a few occasions now - fingers crossed!

  • Does that mean you will no longer be supporting/updating the version through the cydia repo?

    If you can't update it any more, then maybe release part of it as open source?

  • @asdlkfj Cydia is a different universe so we will continue supporting it. We are looking into all options right now.

  • I really don't want to root or jailbreak Android or iOS devices. Not commenting on Android, I find it very annoying Apple does not provide a version for older iOS devices such as my gf's iPad Mini or my mother's iPad. I knew about blue light problem, but I didn't know about F.lux until recently. Now that I know about the problem and solution, the solution does not work! I know the F.lux developers are not at fault here. Still, having to upgrade perfectly working older iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini which each cost several hundred of EUR just to get rid of the blue light problem is... well, ridiculous. Apple claims they only give the 64 bit versions running iOS their implementation (Night Shift) because on 32 bit it would come at a performance/battery loss. Well, I know these people would take that loss for granted for the benefit they get. They're fine making that choice themselves. So it feels to me like some kind of way to give their newer devices a more premium feeling with magic "blue light fix".

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