Search for coordinates that match desired sunrise/sunset times?

  • I understand that it's difficult to implement a custom time range on the Windows version. But it's driving me nuts! I just want it on from midnight to 7:30 AM, because I'm usually working in some capacity long after sunset and right before bed, but I also have to do work in the morning.

    Just throwing out ideas for the dev team, if it's at all feasible to enter 12 AM as a start time, then 7:30 as an end time, and have the program just spit back a set of coordinates that most closely matches that time range. I can find plenty of websites that let you enter coordinates and get sunset/sunrise, but not the other way around. Not going to get awesome results the day after the equinox, but I don’t know, maybe this solution is easier to add.

  • The next version will have sleep-timing controls like the Mac version does.

    Sorry this is taking so long--we are trying to boil some oceans along the way. :)

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