How to backup computer's colour settings before installing f.lux

  • Hello everyone

    I've installed f.lux recently (after having tried it a number of times in the past), and noticed that it turned the greys on my screen pink. This is particularly noticeable because I use the "Classic" theme in Windows, where most windows are grey (and now they are all pink). I had thought that this pinkness was a night-time thing, but the next day my greys were still pink, even though f.lux reported that it in day-time mode. I then remembered why I uninstalled f.lux all the previous times.

    Well, this day-time pinkness made me uninstall f.lux (again), but even after uninstalling it, my greys are still pink. I'm surprised that f.lux doesn't somehow save the the user's original colours and reverts to it when it is uninstalled. So my question is: how can I manually back-up the colour settings of Windows before using a program like f.lux? I'm using Windows 7.

    I did try to "recalibrate" my colour settings using Windows' built-in colour calibration, but although the greys looked grey during calibration, they're still pink when the calibration is finished. f.lux must have changed something really aggressive in there :-) if not even the colour calibrator can fix it.


  • I have a few questions:

    Can you open Task Manager and look for "f.lux.exe *32"? If you don't know how to open Task Manager, then you can do it in a few different ways. My favorite way is Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Another way is, right-click the Taskbar and choose "Task Manager". Another way is, open the Start Menu, type "task manager" and then press Enter. There are other ways, but, well, this is certainly enough. hehehe

    If you see it in Task Manager, then that means f.lux is actually still running. So, select it and then press your Delete key (not Backspace, but Delete) and then press Enter. Also, let me know if it was still running because we may need to take special action to get rid of it permanently.

    Before you uninstalled f.lux, did you ever set your location? I see lots of people who never do and then f.lux gets the location wrong on its own and it sets warmer colors at the wrong times of the day for that person's actual location.

    If f.lux was not running in the background on you after uninstalling it, and if you had set your location correctly after you installed it (that is, at some point while you were still using it), then can you tell me what your GPU is and what driver version you're using for that GPU is? You don't have to tell me though if we found that f.lux was running in the background or if you never set your location properly (or both).

  • So, f.lux changes nothing during the daytime. You may need to update your video drivers. There is no daytime pinkness with f.lux.

    To answer your other question, use a hardware calibrator. Because of the way the file gets written no one can really preserve your settings if you set them manually.

  • I've come across the same thing. My computer is custom calibrated for true color. I use it for my business. No matter what I tried, flux kept usurping my custom calibration during the daylight hours. I ultimately had to uninstall it. I really liked the feel of the night screen on my eyes, but correct color during the day is imperative to me. Shame.

  • We do a very good job of loading ICC/ICM files - so a hardware calibration will always be loaded and maintained by f.lux. We try to be the best profile loader you can have during the day.

    For some of the "calibrate by eye" calibration software, we do not have access to the data they make, and so we cannot load these profiles.

    If you have an actual ICC/ICM profile you think we're not dealing with very well, please zip it up and email us at support at

  • Honestly guys, if your businesses really need true color, you need to use a hardware calibrator, nothing in software is going to guarantee accurate color. And if you use a real calibration, we can read it and respect it. X-rite makes great stuff. Check out the i1Display pro.

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