Flux not working on Windows 10!!! Help!

  • How can I get Flux to work on Windows 10?! I can't stand the blue light anymore! Help!

  • I'm running Windows 10 and haven't had any issues asides from having to re-enable warmer colors.
    What exactly is your issue?

  • I'm in almost the same boat - I just got a new PC with Windows 10 already installed, to replace one that had Win 7 on it and I used f.lux on the old one (and this monitor) just fine.
    I installed f.lux, and it acts like it's doing its thing - says it's at 3400K right now - but nothing happens. :(
    Any suggestions?

  • I have a tv hooked up via hdmi and when I turned it on, realized flux was working on it, but not on my main monitor. I then changed my display settings from duplicate the two displays to extend and it instantly started working on both the tv and my main monitor. I turned off the tv, still working on main, then exited flux just to see if it would disable, but it didn't.. flux exited but the dimmed screen remains. Something is definitely screwy with flux and Windows 10. Hope an update can fix the issues we're having. At least I have it working somewhat now though.

    I just tried toggling extend back on and then back to duplicate and flux effect went away (with flux exited). It seems toggling the display settings seems to remind flux to do its thing or not.

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