Intel graphics display settings did the same thing

  • Hi,

    Today I installed f.lux. I was using it and it's great, no doubt.
    Then I thought we can adjust the default display settings to reduce the Blue and Green light amount in Intel's graphics properties too.
    So just to check, I disabled f.lux, opened intel graphics properties and went to "Display" > "Color settings". I set the brightness to -30 and contrast to 45 for Green, and for Blue I choose -60 for brightness and 40 for contrast. And yes this set the display just like f.lux with 3400K.
    Just to clear, I'm using Dell Inspiron 7537, win8.1, display 1920x1080 lg philips ips.

  • @tdas777 No, f.lux will override that, it's not a way that is calibrated and saved as a profile that f.lux can use.

  • Yes, f.lux balances colors to reduce the blue light emitted by the screen. There is no secret, you can achieve the same result with other programs or settings.

    On the other hand, f.lux offers automatic transitions that vary with the period of the year, easy to change settings and a bunch of additional options. It's not necessary to reduce blue light, but it makes life much easier than using your drivers' display settings.

  • Yeah...
    I'm not saying f.lux is duping users... No.
    I just said we can get the same effect by tweaking display settings. :)

    In fact, I again enabled f.lux, to avoid the hassle to manually activating intel display profiles. ;)


  • @dreadnaut and it does so in a accurate way, that went (and is still going through) years of research and practice. With lots and lots of money thrown into a free product. (there is a donation link.... it's on the support page somewhere.)

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