can f.lux be used offline

  • Hello,

    Can f.lux be used on pc that is not connected to the internet, or can the internet connection part be disabled.

  • @arshadmomin f.lux does not require internet after you set your location. I think it should just go by that, and have basic ways of tuning the time for sunset and sunrise.

  • If you're talking about setting the location without an internet location, here's a solution:

    Install f.lux on a computer with internet,
    Set the location on that computer
    Open regedit.exe on that computer
    Navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Michael Herf\flux\Preferences
    Copy the Indoor, Latitude, and Longitude settings
    Open regedit.exe on the offline computer, and change those settings.

  • The 'Indoor' subkey is just for the 'At night' color temperature setting.

  • @oostrov or you could, you know, just write it down as it says in the program, and all the settings that are listed in registry, are active in the program. If you modify the exe file with "resource hacker" and enable the candle setting, that becomes available as an option in the registry as well, or you can press "c" when you have f.lux in focus.

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