S6 with 5.1.1

  • Works OK. Add the right color to the screen but it lags my phone at all u thinks it's the compositor. All the phone and transitions are slow. And please put an option to enter manually the location. I select the amoled desaturation maybe this do the lag effect I will update my post.

  • Thanks - is this a Samsung ROM or another kind?

    We are still trying to figure out when the Compositor feature in unavailable with some of the Samsung ROMs. Other than with Samsung, it's available in all 5.x builds.

  • I'm using Arrow ROM based on stock 5.1.1 (DVU3DOL5) with Adam kernel. It's working OK but when I open some apps after some minutes all the animation are slow and th phone too.

  • Okay then we still need to get a real TouchWiz "Galaxy S" to try.

    We bought a cheapo "Galaxy Grand Prime" and it works, of course.

  • I have the same issue on my lg g4 stock 5.1 rom :(

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