Ideas for more precision controls

  • So years ago, we had the ability to independently adjust the RGB of our old CRT monitors, but somehow we lost this ability when we went to touchscreen tablets and phones. Rather than canned combos called "halogen, incandescent, candlelight, ember," etc. Why not let us independently control the R, G, and B levels with horizontal sliders?

    2nd idea: I think the darkroom setting proves that you have the capability to do this: Instead of just dimming the blue, What if you moved the signal to a different phosphor? For example, you could turn all blue off, but display 10% of the blue signal as green, then add on 10% of the green signal to green and another 10% to red, and display 90% of the red signal in the red. Sort of a redshift. That way, you can turn all blue off, but not lose any key information on a website that was only displayed in blue. All the best.

  • It is easier to adapt to see "white" when a screen matches its surroundings. Since most lighting systems try to match Planckian radiators (blackbodies), so do we.

    The hope is at moderate settings you will see your screen as "mostly white, a little bit orange" and not "crazy green-purple".

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