Latest Windows 10 update break brightness control

  • I just installed the latest Windows 10 update and when I try to use f.lux's brightness control I notice that the screen return to being blue (as if f.lux is disabled) after 2 levels dimmer, for me this is around 3800K. If I continue reducing the brightness (using f.lux) the screen wont change at all, but f.lux's setting shows that the brightness is decreasing (a lower K).

    I tried updated my drivers and restarting my computer, nothing helped.

  • You likely need to "expand range" again - some people find that the setting is reset on upgrade.
    To do this, just uninstall and reinstall f.lux, and choose "expand range" from the menu.

  • @herf Thank you for the info! You should consider warning the user f.lux is trying to go 'outside the range' when dimming the brightness-- I had never expanded the range to begin with, as I didn't know I had to.

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