Added a second monitor -- f.lux not working on it

  • A few days ago I added a second monitor -- f.lux works on the first monitor but not on the second.

  • @freedave We're going to need a lot more detail. What type of connection, VGA / HDMI are you using? Is this display connected to a USB hub in anyway because f.lux does not work over USB.

  • Android

    I am having this issue as well. I'm using a DVI(PC) to HDMI(32" TV) cable for my second 'monitor' (TV). Not using a USB hub at all either.

  • The following is from the person who connected my second monitor:

    "The original monitor is vga and the second is dvi (my computer only accepts one vga and one dvi that's why it is a dvi).

    The f.lux is already working on one monitor so the usb hub point doesn't apply in this case."

  • I used to have the same issue with dual monitor setup with windows. Both connected to the same gpu, one via hdmi and one via dvi

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