Will f.lux potentially run on Android N without root?

  • From what I have seen in the Android N developer preview you can change screen tint in system ui tuner and calibrate display?
    Does this have potential for f.lux without root?
    Note: I have not installed Android N and may have fundimatally misunderstood how the new features work.

  • @reblerebel Android N developer preview has a Night mode and a calibrate display feature.

  • @Kannan-Kv Oh, the developers I was talking to (and that was hard enough to even FIND someone to discuss it with on the net--can they please make this easier? I was told android N would have a night mode, so hopefully they will allow gamma / CT adjustments.

  • any news on this ? how can i get flux like features on android?

  • @Jozsef-Hegedus Well, some very new android phones are available with a blue / green light reduction mode, but from experience they don't quite get the color right, too yellow (bright amber) versus a softer, but more orange color shift like f.lux does. So colors have too much yellow, and blue and green aren't knocked down enough.

    The only programs you'll have available are filters over the screen, fading the image and heavily reducing contrast. The f.lux team doesn't recommend this as it makes the screen harder to read, thus you may increase brightness, and undoubtedly hold the phone closer, exposing your eyes a much more light, even with it slightly warmer.

    Just invert the colors on your phone and dim the screen as much as you can, to read it comfortably.

  • @Tungsten_smooth hmm, yeah, thanks for the info, i really miss flux on android...

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