Deep Color 30 (10bpc) support?

  • I have one of those monitors that can display 1.07 billion colors instead of the standard 16.78 million depending on if the software in use supports it (pretty much none of them do so it's kinda useless lol)

    I figure that if f.lux supports Deep Color it'll reduce the image degradation/potential banding caused by limiting the color range to warmer colors (since there are more colors for windows to choose from)

    My questions are:

    Does f.lux already support 10 bit color?

    Is the graphics card putting out Deep Color all f.lux/Windows needs to have a wider selection of colors?

    Would Deep Color even make a difference in image quality?

    Is it something that f.lux would add in the future?

    I don't really know very much about this sort of thing, so it's been something I've been curious about for a while.

  • The Windows API we use is fixed at 8-bit color. (A smart driver could do interpolation though, so there's a chance it could be better.)

    The Mac has updated its APIs to support 10-bpc color, but I haven't seen anything yet for Windows.

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