Downloading for iOS

  • Hi everyone. I can't download f.lux to sideload for iOS. When I click the link to download it, I just keep getting a 404? Anybody know what's up? Thanks!!

  • @bro_lette Yeah, it got taken down because Apple didn't like the way the @f-lux-team did it (used closed source code). The did that because they don't want people copying their application, and doing it wrong--which already happens without using any of their code, and that's bad because people think red filters actually do something.

    So, now Apple is somewhat pressured to release a similar feature, but because they are Apple, they released "Night Shift" which only works on VERY new, 64-bit devices, which is bullshit, because f.lux worked on an iPhone 3 with no issues on iOS 4.x. So Apple is only going to make it work on new devices, which is rude to do, and f.lux wants to still release their program so that it can be tweaked / updated, and work on older devices.

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