Not working for me

  • not working, and doing reverse. Taking my sleep. since the day I installed it. My thing was to do everything by myself. I feel its the Doctor who will take care of me.

  • It's not a miracle worker. The whole idea here is to help make it easier for you to avoid blue light exposure at night. Without f.lux, the computer would still be a heavy dose of blue light, even if you took the time to make sure the rest of your house has no blue light in it. So, the main purpose of f.lux is to enable you to use your computer without worrying about getting unwanted exposure to blue light.

  • @gupta_h77 Did you read the two pages that open up when you first install f.lux and show you all of the options and what they may be used for? That helps a ton.

    If f.lux is not helping you go to sleep, then it could be a couple issues. You're not disciplining yourself to stop using a screen at night, and (or) you have too many bright white (close to daylight white) lights in your home at night that are also delaying your sleep.

    If you want to go a step further with f.lux, try the "Darkroom mode" which should make everything black with red text most of the time. Also you may need to expand the range of f.lux, you'll find it.

    Also, if you want to dim your room lights, you'll need a lamp, and this lamp dimmer Look at where the sellers are located, and try to get one near you--then you cut down on shipping time! This device will dim incandescent bulbs (and some LED bulbs, but it's hit or miss) and reduce your light exposure, and the blue light content of the light!

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