f.lux keeps disabling

  • Whenever I open task manager or install something, f.lux disables itself.
    I have an Asus K50IJ with Windows 7 SP 1 on it. Thanks.

  • @aquablue Does this happen when a program asks for administrator privileges? Sometimes that can happen.

    Are your video drivers up to date, I can help you look, but try to find out if you have onboard Intel graphics, Nvidia, or AMD graphics on this computer and download the appropriate drivers. That usually fixes most bugs like this.

    Here: Integrated Intel® GMA X4500M, I got that from ASUS website by searching just the model number of the laptop: https://www.asus.com/Notebooks/K50IJ/specifications/

    So, you'll want to go to intel's website and look for the driver update tool. I wish they'd still do it in the browser like they did for almost a decade or longer (since I was about 10, and figured out what a video driver was for, to around maybe 2015 but I haven't checked in a while that may be wrong), but now they have a program that you download.

  • I tried to update the chipset manually, using the asus site, since the update tool didn't work. But the problem is still happening

  • @aquablue Are there any updates to the video / graphics etc something like that--I can't remember what the chipset does, but I think that's more for the motherboard and just overall functioning, not specifically video related.

  • The drivers on the ASUS site have updates from 2009. I don't know if those are the most recent.

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