Flickering issue on 2 of 3 monitors

  • I love the f.lux program, but 2 of my monitors are flickering. My VG248QE works perfectly with no flickering, but the RL2455HM I have and the VW2226H both have intense white->yellow flickering. I have the latest nvidia drivers (GTX 970) and I can't seem to understand what is causing this.

  • I am having the same problem but I am currently using an ATI/AMD HD3850 video card and currently having to use a TV out because I am awaiting a new monitor after my monitor broke. I am not currently using an LCD.

    I have used flux before and I am sure that I did not previously encounter this problem on my current display.

    During sunset and at night, my screen flickers like crazy. So much so that I have to disable it because it is so disturbing. There is a rolling flicker down the screen where black lines can be seen horizontally across the screen and these roll down the screen. It is at it's worst while flux is open. If I close flux to the tray the flicker is less pronounced but there are still black flickering marks that appear on the screen.

    I am using the current version of flux on Windows 7 x64 SP1.

    BTW please put a date and version number on the download, it took me a lot of searching to find a date for the current version. Without that it means downloading and file hashing to check whether the file is the same. I could not find a version number in the program details. This means unnecessary downloads and bandwidth usage of your server and all for the sake of giving a clear version number and date.

  • @Red.Dwarf if you go to your tray icons and right click the f.lux icon (or open f.lux settings with a f.lux shortcut pinned to the taskbar is what I like, and click the menu button) you can see the version number at the very bottom. There still needs to be a date though, that would be very helpful.

    Also, if you have v3.x anything, it should automatically update when it finds one, it will check once every day! You can turn off automatic updates, but it will still check daily to let you know.

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