Issues with F.lux and Adobe Lightshop?

  • After installing f.lux I started having problems with the Adjustment Brush in the Development Module of Adobe Light Shop Develop. When selected and used to brush it left an orange color behind it, similar to the night color in f.lux, but worse, would not let me make any adjustments using the brush. I used the one hours photo delay prior to opening Lightroom. To get things back to normal I had to completely reset my Lightroom Preferences. If uninstalled F.Lux temporarily until I am sure it is not causing the problem which did not exist until after I installed F.Lux. Love the program and would love to continue using it, but I need to make sure it is not the culprit so I ask:

    Are there any known issues, relating to the use of F.Lux with either Light Room or Photoshop?

    Thanking you in advance for your assistance.

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