What is Flux doing with key logging

  • In running an anti logger SW I have discovered that Flux.exe is fetching my input. Can maybe someone explain why?

  • It may be so that f.lux can check if the hotkeys for dimming the screen further than your computer allows have been pressed (Alt + PgDn/Up)

  • @robBob ESET has no problem with F.Lux. Install better antivirus software

  • The people who make this program really care a lot about this stuff. They try their best to not allow any third parties host a download link, because of bundled programs and that crap. They would destroy everything they have if they incorporated a full keylogger, I promise you. The @f-lux-team does not want to take away all the hard work they are doing.

    If you're in the mobile beta, you'll see they've been through 19 versions trying to get it right, to work for as many devices as they can. If they didn't care about any of this, then the app would be at version 7 or something and they'd quit, but this group isn't giving up, they'll do whatever they can to get their app everywhere, and they want to also educate people about the effects of light in the process. They are a very dedicated team, and they'll never ruin their program with junk.

  • You can turn off the system hotkeys from the Extras menu, but that's all we do with keys.

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