Challenges side loading on iPad Pro

  • I've successfully side loaded f.lux on my iPhone 6+ and iPad Air following the instructions. I tried to load on to an iPad Pro and received the following error: "An App ID with Identifier 'com.justgetflux.ifluxipad' is not available. Please enter a different string." Note: com.justgetflux.ifluxipad is what I used to make the bundle identifier unique (per the instructions).

    I am not sure how to resolve this. Has anyone experienced this issue, and where you able to resolve it? This is too much screen to stare at without it!

    PS. I am not familiar with Xcode and do not have a developer background.

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

  • I don't know is the short answer, but I'd be tempted to try another random identifier. It can be anything at all, so just try something else and see until someone more knowledgable than me comes along to help!

  • Yeah, I figured out that changing the identifier to something more different resolved the issue. Now I am just stuck at the build stage waiting for the IPad Pro's screen to come online...