Location 'Where Am I?' dialog shows on every Windows startup.

  • As described in title, whenever I boot my machine and login to my desktop (Windows 7 SP1) f.lux's 'Where Am I?' Location dialog shows up. I've tried setting the location several times, and it shows my lat/long in the Settings dialog, but it doesn't seem to stop the 'Where Am I?' window from popping up. It's been this way since I reinstalled my system from scratch mid-2015. If it's of any significance, I live on the Greenwich Meridian so my Longditude is 0.0 degrees East, maybe it thinks the value is empty? :o)

    I find f.lux invaluable at work especially at this time of year, it's helped reduce eyestrain and fatigue greatly since I started using it a few years back. Thanks for your hard work!

  • I live in Greenwich and have this problem too! :)

    Easily fixed by changing Longitude to 0.1 degrees.

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