Whitish border around screen - even survives reboot!

  • Hi,

    I'm seeing a strange effect on my HP Omen notebook running Windows 10, when using f.lux. A bright whitish blurred border very slowly appears inside my screen border. It remains there even after a reboot and appears already before BIOS POST. So obviously it is some sort of hardware damage. Luckily so far, it always has slowly disappeared after exiting f.lux.

    Please comment on the possible causes.

  • @David.P I do not think you exiting f.lux and the effect disappearing are at all related. The only thing f.lux does is change the color output, it does nothing to (and can not do anything to) modify the monitor's backlight, unless it is a laptop, in which case they can only adjust brightness.

  • Try this as an experiment:

    Don't use f.lux for a while and then pay extra close attention to whether it's still happening.

  • Here is what it looks like. The white border appears yellowish because of f.lux running.


  • Oh wow, is that a very sharp line between 6500K and 2700K (or whichever warmer color it is)?

  • @David.P Yikes! So, I think this is definitely a TFT panel issue. The glass that actually converts the colors / blocks, lets in light. Because it shifts color with f.lux, this just cannot be a backlight problem, it's not uniform. I'd say just get a new monitor!

    You can set the laptop to stay on (not go to sleep) when the lid is closed, and get external keyboard / mouse.

  • I am running the laptop without f.lux at the moment and all is perfect.

    I actually wished the problem appeared also without f.lux such that I could get the laptop replaced.

  • @David.P Hmmm, how long are you leaving the screen on when this happens? Also let's try some heavier modes, like Candle 1900K at night, and also "Darkroom Mode"! Let us know the results!

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