Sudden color change on windows

  • Whenever sunset occurs, f.lux on my computer suddenly changes to the warmest 3400k color, instead of doing a continous shift. Is this a bug or this is the normal operation? I'd much rather like a slow, continus change...

  • Do you mean that it takes 20 seconds to transition from one mode to the other? If so, then that's the default setting. Change your "Transition Speed" to "Slow (60m)".

  • No, I meant that the color temperature would change slowly to the warmest 3400k over the span of hours, then change back to normal until sunrise. The sinus loop display of the app would suggest that this change is continous, and not just switching between two states (sudden daylight and night)

  • I'm asking you how long your transition speed is right now. What are you seeing? Are you seeing a 20-second transition speed? If so, then that means you need to change it to the 1-hour speed.

    To be honest, I don't really understand your last post.

  • Here is it visualized:
    The preview loop also just sitches between the two states, and doesn't adjust the display gradually, as I remembered.

  • @poisonborz I'll repeat this. What do you think a "gradual change" is? Going from 6500K SLOWLY changing over 60 minutes to 3400K is what I would consider a GRADUAL CHANGE. Sorry, but you're really not making sense.

    The program has two settings for speed. A 20 seconds transition and a 60 minute transition.

  • @poisonborz The sine wave display represents the position of the sun in the sky. That changes slowly and continuously.

    But when the sun crosses the horizon, there is a rather sudden change between daylight and night!

    I understand that you'd prefer the light to change in a slow continuous sine wave all day and night. But that's not how f.lux works - because that's not how reality works.

  • @Tungsten_smooth Sorry I didn't notice the 's'/'m' letters, I just assumed they're fade time toogles for shifting between states, while the color temperature is continously changing.

    @Elhem Enohpi understandable, but still, feats like a customizeable fade time, or an option to apply a custom fade time on startup (at night) would be great.

  • @poisonborz There's going to be a new windows version hopefully this year, but the beta for it will be first. If you like trying new features and keeping up with the updates, you'll love the way they do beta upgrades.

    I understand what you mean about the graph now. You want it to show a fading of the color instead of a line. Have a look at the mac version, and let me know what you think, it will probably be similar for windows as well: (Hope it's O.K. to copy the images).

  • Cool, it's much more comprehensible! This new version can't come soon enough!

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