Windows 10 startup problem

  • Hello, i tried to look if there was already an answer to my problem, but i couldn't find anything. After years of windows 7 i did a fresh install of 10 today. Normally with 7 on the startup f.lux would go instantly to the temperature i had set it, which was especially useful at night. Now, the startup feels slower on 10 and f.lux starts at default temperature and steady decreases to the right temperature (which is pretty slow when in the middle of the night it must go from 6200K to 2700K). Is this supposed to be normal? Is there a solution to have the screen already set? Also on 7 i had set night mode at 3400K, while on 10 i set it on 2700K (and probably the right temperature to match the previous 7 temperature would be 2500K), it's a very strange thing. I have a desktop Intel pc with a GTX 770 (361.75 driver).
    Thank you for the help and for this amazing application! Really changed my life.

  • Windows 8/10 takes quite a bit longer to start apps (like maybe a 5-second delay). We'll look for a faster way.

  • @herf I´m having problems too with an i7-4790k and the intel HD (my graphic card is broken and i´m waiting for the next generation 14 nm). If I set the transition speed to 20 s, the system gets slow while changing, the fix is to set it to 60m. But there is one more problem that 60m doesn´t resolve: When i turn on the pc at night, even if i set the change to 60m, it changes fast (in a seconds) because it´s night time and the slowdowns come again while starting the pc.

    It´s possible to fix the 20s transition speed slowdowns? Thanks

  • @jlmcr87 please post your video driver version?

  • @herf Intel HD graphics 4600. Driver version

  • @herf I changed my processor to an i7 6700k, intel HD 530 with driver version selected the 60m transition, but when turn on the pc at night f.lux do the transition in seconds and there is a lot of slowdown.

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