sideload f.lux stops working when provisioning profile expires

  • So today f.lux stopped working on both of the iPads I sideloaded it on. Th app wouldn't open at all, and was having no effect on screen colour temp.
    After cursing apple and whatever, I had a look in Xcode and discovered that in the 'preferences' 'accounts' tab for my Apple ID, when I clicked 'view detais' the provisioning profile expired on Feb 10th. I went through the sideload procedure again and all is well, but one thing I couldn't figure out is how to have a longer date or indeed no expiry date on the provisioning profile. Is there any option in Xcode somewhere to change this? if not I'll just have to remember not to panic when the same happens again in mid May!

  • It seems that the free provisioning profiles expire after about 3 months. (A "real" developer account will have a longer expiration date.)

    To keep using this version, you will have to update your developer account again.

  • @herf OK, so it's tied to the developer account not a Xcode option. That's fine, good to know. Just to note, I didn't actually have to do anything other than run through the sideload instructions again for it to all be OK. The provisioning profile now expires in mid may.

  • Its easy to solve by going to your Xcode's pref's -> account -> view details -> remove the flux provisioning profile.
    reinstall f.lux via sideload and it's fixed.

  • @koentjuh195 yep, that's what I did. I was just wondering if I could somehow extend how long the profile lasts for in Xcode, but as @herf says, the expiry is because of using a free dev account and not to do with Xcode at all.

  • If I had a paid developer account could I stop reinstalling this every week? Might honestly consider this just for f.lux.

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