f.lux sunrise and sunset

  • I´m sorry for asking for a lot of things, but i want to help to make a better app. In f.lux i miss information with the sunrise and sunset time. At the moment i can see only "sunrise 2 hours ago" but i can´t see when the sunrise will be. Maybe you can add a graphic with that information. Thanks

  • Right now, sunrise is always 1 or 2 minutes earlier than the previous day. After the longest day of the year in summer, sunrise is always 1 or 2 minutes later than the previous day.

  • @TwoCables Yes but i want a graphic or something like that in f.lux where I can see that times.

  • @jlmcr87 said:

    @TwoCables Yes but i want a graphic or something like that in f.lux where I can see that times.

    I get that, but I don't understand why. I mean, it's not like the sunrise time is unpredictable. The same goes for sunset. Just, the same as yesterday, but a minute or two later or sooner - depending on the time of year.

  • @TwoCables It´s not unpredictable. If you have the location you can know sunrise and sunset times, that´s why f.lux ask for your location and thats how f.lux works. The problem to me is that it doesn´t show that times, only " sunrise X hours ago".

    Check that: http://www.timeanddate.com/sun/

  • I just don't see why you need to use f.lux to see this information. Maybe Michael and Lorna (the f.lux team) will add it in a future release, but I honestly don't see why anyone would need it.

  • Hey thanks - this is a good idea... in a lot of cases it's probably more useful than showing the color temperature all over the place.

    In the early builds we only got your location approximately, so we didn't want to show this number down to the minute (because we can be 10 minutes off), but computers are getting better at exact location now, so it would be better if we did this.

  • @herf Thanks for your response. Maybe you can do something like that:


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